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Wetland Filter

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The Snorkel and Centipede Filtration System

Filtration System

A field tested, field proven system for filtering large bodies of water, such as subdivisions, retention ponds or golf courses!

Equipment Application

The patented, large-scale Snorkel Vault & Centipede Module were specifically designed to tackle any number of the common issues that plague large-scale water features such as retention and golf course ponds.  They are modular in design, allowing builders and designers the flexibility to expand the system to meet their needs.  Add a professional grade large pond aeration system to increase water quality and complete the system.

Snorkel Vault and Centipede Module


This unique system has been modeled directly from nature.  According to David Braun with The Nature Conservancy, "Wetlands and the plants found within them are wonderful filters; they trap sediments and remove chemicals... water that passes through them is much cleaner and they provide valuable habitat for wildlife."

Wetland Filter System

Features and Benefits

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Project Spotlight - (Aquascape Designs)

Project: FONA (Flavors of North America)

Location: World Headquarters, Geneva, IL

Goals: This new state-of-the-art facility was designed to meet the strict requirements of its owners.  Their passion for their business is equaled by their passion for the environment.

The goals for the pond were simple:

Layout of Snorkel Vault and Centipede ModulesImage 1: The layout of the Snorkel Vault and Centipede Modules for the first shoreline wetland filter.

Excavation of Wetland FilterImage 2:The excavation of the wetland filter

Snorkel Vault and Centipede Modules set into placeImage 3:  The excavated wetland is lined with EPDM rubber and the Snorkel Vault & Centipede Modules are set into place.

Centipede Modules
Image 4:  The Centipede Modules are covered with several layers of stones.  The larger voids found between these stones allow the incoming water to flow throughout the wetland and provides ample room for the deposition of sediments.

Project Specifications:

The project met the client's goals by creatively blending function with natural beauty.  Two wetland filter systems were constructed alongside the pond.  One filter system was incorporated into the bank of the pond and planted with a mix of native aquatic plants and is designed to completely blend into the shoreline.

The second wetland system is situated atop the 15-foot embankment.  A series of waterfalls were strategically carved into the pond bank, creating a dramatic focal point from the entrance way, while also providing supplemental aeration to the ponds.

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