FAQ: Does the presence of rocks and gravel make it difficult to clean my pond?

You are susceptible to buying into this myth if, and only if, you’ve never experienced pondering with rocks and gravel in your pond. If you have a smooth-bottom pond, and each season you’re amazed at the amount of muck and grime that collects on the bottom, you automatically rule out rocks as a solution. You keep visualizing that same amount of muck on top of the rocks and gravel and say, “NO!” to even considering them. It’s understandable. It seems logical… until you learn the rest of the story.

Rocks and gravel offer a natural place for aerobic bacteria to colonize and set up housekeeping. This bacteria breaks down the fish waste and debris that would otherwise accumulate in the pond and turn to sludge. Regardless of your ponds location (i.e.. close to trees and loads of leaves), or how many fish you have in it, you’ll find that having rocks and gravel in your pond not only makes it look better, but makes it healthier as well.

So contrary to the myth, having rocks and gravel on the bottom of your pond actually allows mother nature to clean up after herself, saving you headaches and hours of work trying to keep the bottom of your pond muck free.

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